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Q: I am NEW to Little League Baseball, how are teams formed and how do they play (Traditional divisions shown below)?

Division Age Pitch Score Competitive Player Substitutions
Rookie 4YR/5YR Tee/Coach No No No
Minor A 6YR/7YR Machine/Coach No No No
Minor AA 7YR/9YR Player Yes Yes No
Minor AAA 9YR/11YR Player Yes Yes No
Majors 10YR/12/YR Player Yes Yes Yes
Intermediate (50/70) 13YR Player Yes Yes Yes
Junior 13YR/14YR Player Yes Yes Yes
Senior 14YR/15YR Player Yes Yes Yes

Q: What is my players LEAGUE AGE?

A: Find the link HERE

Q: What does my registration cover?

A: Team Jersey and Hat, Pictures, Field Maintenance, Lights, League Equipment, Concession upkeep, and more.

Q: What do I need to register?

A: Typically a license, birth certificate and a bill with your address (Cable, Water, Mortgage, etc.); excludes Fall baseball.

Q: Does CALL have a payment plan?

A: Yes, as follows: C.A.L.L. has implemented a payment plan(s) to assist the impact of registration over a period of months.

  • Pay in Full
  • Payment Plan 1 (PP1) - *1/2 due at time of registration, 1/2 due Jan 19, 2022
  • Payment Plan 2 (PP2) - **1/3 due at time of registration, 1/3 due on Jan 19, 2022, balance due Feb 16, 2022

You will be able to select the payment plan that best works for you during the registration process.

Q: Does CALL allow registration fee refunds?

A: Registrants will be liable for:

  • All fees incurred for non-payment and/or failed payments
  • A flat fee $25 per player for processing a refund.  The processing fee will be applied to ALL REFUNDS
  • Once teams have been formed NO-REFUNDS will be provided

Q: When and How long is the season?

A: The Fall and Spring seasons typically lasts (10) weeks.

  • Fall Season Starts: 1st Saturday after Labor Day
  • Spring Season Starts: Last Saturday of February or 1st Saturday of March
  • Post Season Tournament: Mid-May
  • All-Stars: Early June

The Post-season tournament play is for the Minor AA and above. The Tournament play can last days up to (2) weeks.

Additionally, your player may be selected for All-Stars. If selected, we encourage a commitment to participation and will advise you of the dates/timing involved.

Q: When are Spring evaluations?

A: Evaluations will be held January, 2022 (PLEASE CHECK CALENDAR FOR TIMES, SUBJECT TO CHANGE) to allow our Managers/Player Agents/Board Members the timing to evaluate your player and make an appropriate division selection. NO Junior/Senior evaluations are scheduled at this time unless there is enough players for (2) teams.

Q: When is Spring opening Day?

A: Opening Day will be TBD. We suggest arriving early as parking fills up quickly.

Q: What happens opening Day?

A: Player parade, Welcome from the CALL President/Local Officials, Minor AA/AAA/Majors/Juniors Game kickoff.

Q: Do we keep score and how?

A: Scorekeeping currently occurs in an official Game Book for Minor AA play and above. The official game book (IPAD/IScore) is officiated by a Scorekeeper Officer to guarantee good scorekeeping protocol to protect the integrity of every game.

Q: What is expected at player evaluations (tryouts)? Are they mandatory?

A: Player evaluations are mandatory and provide a snapshot of the player’s skill-level. Player evaluations include but are not limited to catching, throwing, hitting and running skills. Each player is rated by several Team Managers, Player Agents and Board Members on a scale and given an average mark. Those players are then matched with like players and appropriate division based on their overall skills.

Q: I can't make the scheduled tryout date. Is there a make-up day?


Q: How many Manager/coaches are there on a team?

A: There is (1) Team Manager and typically (1-2) coaches that will assist in player development. Parents are encouraged to participate in coaching as it assists the Manager/Coaches and creates a continued bond with the player.

Q: What time and when are the games held?

A: This varies between divisions…(PLEASE CHECK CALENDAR FOR TIMES)

Q: How many games a week?

A: Typically, 2 games per week...1 for the T-Ball/Rookie division.

Q: How many practices a week?

A: Typically, 1-2 practices a week

Q: When will I be contacted about a team?

A: Typically, (1) week after all evaluations are completed

Q: How can I assist the league?

A: Volunteer as a Manager, Coach, Umpire and/or auxiliary Board Member

Q: What can I do to prepare my player for the season?

A: Take your player to the batting cages, practice catching/throwing/batting at a local park

Q: What can I do to stay informed throughout the season?

A: Join CALL Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or this website

A: Player agent(s) will keep all team Managers informed

Q: Who are the CALL Board Members?

A: CALL Board Members consist of Volunteers who either currently manage, coach teams and are passionate about the game and our players

Q: My player has a health issue that I would like kept confidential. To whom should I speak and how...

A: Please speak directly to the assigned Player Agent for your player’s division.

Q: If we have a concern, question or request during the season, what is the best way to handle...

A: Please speak directly to the assigned Player Agent for your player’s division.

Q: Can I request a particular team or coach for my player?

A: Team and/or Manager/Coach requests may occur at the Minor A level or below.